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Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

Heya Pepefrens! Hope all of you had a blast this summer and are ready for an epic battle with your NFT cards on blockchain, because the Pepemon community is on track to launch a TCG game on a chain near you, this year.

The unique aspect of this achievement is even more mind blowing as the dApp will be entirely owned by the players whilst running a play2earn model powered by our DeFi economy.

But before going into more details on that topic, let’s review some of the things that we achieved after the halving that happened in mid May.

New Cards

The votes have been counted and the results are in

The first PepeDAO has been completed and was a massive success.

After 6 months of hard work and thousands of new Pepemon trainers we felt like a change was needed to our ingenious Pepemon ecosystem, to make it even more sustainable and less prone to excessive inflation!

The issue was that single-side PPBLZ stakers were earning just as much PPDEX as PPBLZ-ETH LP token stakers.

This felt unfair to the LP providers as providing liquidity comes with certain risks that single side staking does not have.

And for any DeFi platform to work it is important that community members are…

What a week, what a week, when I look back at all that was released, it magically creates a smile on my face!

So many things going on in such a short period of time.

Time for a recap!

Partnership with Dego.Finance

If you are active in one of our social channels there is no way you have missed it, Degochu was released. It was a huge community event with Pepemon doing what it does best, giving to the community. All Degochu’s were given away for free, not a single Pepedex was spent!

It is our first collab with Dego Finance and to…

Since the beginning of Pepemon we have been guided by the feedback from our community, so in the spirit of decentralization we’ve created a DAO where token holders can create proposals to change the way Pepemon ecosystem works.

In the first 6 months from inception there was no urgent need for any proposals or changes, but as we have grown significantly since then and our mission is to onboard many Pepetrainers and maintain a strong, sustainable ecosystem, it’s time to change the way those participating in the Pepeconomy are getting rewarded for staking, a whopping 87% of the total supply…

Attention to all NFT collectors, there is a free Pepemon spotted, ready to be minted!

To celebrate the successful launch of Pepemon on the Binance Smart Chain, the massive demand of the Pepemon BSC starter series and the joining forces of Pepemon World and DEGO Finance, we have decided to do another airdrop for our community, because that’s what Pepemon is all about, our community!!

There has been a whitelist created, anyone that traded a NFT on the NFT Marketplace Treasureland before the 7th of April 2021 or held $DEGO in one of their personal wallets will be eligible to…

One of my precious childhood memories is from roughly 25 years ago.

By that time I was still a little brat, about 7 years old, and I remember me and my friends at preliminary school playing on our Game boy’s every day after school, showing off our Pokemon and battling each other to see who was the strongest.

It was 25 years ago when the generation 1 Pokemon, originally called Pocket monsters, were released into the wild, and we are all here today to celebrate that day, Pokemon day.

I think most of us have grown up with these little…

What’s good Pepetrainers? We heard that some of you d̶e̶g̶e̶n̶s̶ responsible investors have spent your life savings FOMOing on your favorite NFT project and then buying PPBLZ and PPDEX like mad. Still we noticed that with every swap trainers spent a couple of PPDEX profits on gas fees.

So how do we make the project more accessible, usable and Pepefriendly?

After checking and seeing the small fortune we spent on Ethereum fees to deploy contracts and redeem cards, we needed our dead dev to start brainstorming for new ideas and solutions. …

87 days have passed since we did the $PPBLZ airdrop and started delivering value for all those that believed in Pepemon’s mission and proposed DeFi-meet-NFT economy.

Since then we locked in over $300K and launched a very successful NFT Store where more than 70% of all $PPDEX generated was burned forever in exchange for Collector’s Edition cards. On top of that we delivered a first peak at how evolving your cards would work in the Pepemon game world. Over 1300 unique holders claimed at least one card with more than 3000 created so far, and counting!

With these stats in…

Pepemon was born in the new cohort of innovative crypto projects of 2020, combining DeFi and NFTs to execute on its ambitious mission: bring the first community-led Trading Card Game to the blockchain!

As a project that has received a lot of support from other people building in this space, we thought there’s not a better moment to give back to these pioneers than Christmas! 🎅 🎁

That’s why we launched a new campaign where a massive number of addresses were whitelisted for claiming an Exclusive Christmas Pepemon — Pepekarp — if the owners of those addresses hodl’ed any of…

Our Gitcoin Grant for building Pepemon: Degen Battleground is now live as part of GR8 dAPP!

Gitcoin Grants allows developers and builders to get funding for projects you’re most passionate about. Since 2019, Gitcoin Grants has become a major institution for funding the open source ecosystem, delivering $3.7m in funding to hundreds of projects in a decentralized, community-driven, manner.

With Grand Round 8 (GR8) they have available $450K in pooled funds, from December 2nd to December 17th to match any donation coming from the communities.

So how can I help Pepemon?

First, login with a Github account, if you don’t have one already, please create one.


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