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What’s good Pepetrainers? We heard that some of you d̶e̶g̶e̶n̶s̶ responsible investors have spent your life savings FOMOing on your favorite NFT project and then buying PPBLZ and PPDEX like mad. Still we noticed that with every swap trainers spent a couple of PPDEX profits on gas fees.

So how do we make the project more accessible, usable and Pepefriendly?

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PPBLZ and PPDEX are now tradable on Pankcakeswap!

After checking and seeing the small fortune we spent on Ethereum fees to deploy contracts and redeem cards, we needed our dead dev to start brainstorming for new ideas and solutions. …

87 days have passed since we did the $PPBLZ airdrop and started delivering value for all those that believed in Pepemon’s mission and proposed DeFi-meet-NFT economy.

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Pepemon going to moon; cca. 2021. Community Artwork by @ClarkieCrypto

Since then we locked in over $300K and launched a very successful NFT Store where more than 70% of all $PPDEX generated was burned forever in exchange for Collector’s Edition cards. On top of that we delivered a first peak at how evolving your cards would work in the Pepemon game world. Over 1300 unique holders claimed at least one card with more than 3000 created so far, and counting!

With these stats in…

Pepemon was born in the new cohort of innovative crypto projects of 2020, combining DeFi and NFTs to execute on its ambitious mission: bring the first community-led Trading Card Game to the blockchain!

As a project that has received a lot of support from other people building in this space, we thought there’s not a better moment to give back to these pioneers than Christmas! 🎅 🎁

That’s why we launched a new campaign where a massive number of addresses were whitelisted for claiming an Exclusive Christmas Pepemon — Pepekarp — if the owners of those addresses hodl’ed any of…

Our Gitcoin Grant for building Pepemon: Degen Battleground is now live as part of GR8 dAPP!

Gitcoin Grants allows developers and builders to get funding for projects you’re most passionate about. Since 2019, Gitcoin Grants has become a major institution for funding the open source ecosystem, delivering $3.7m in funding to hundreds of projects in a decentralized, community-driven, manner.

With Grand Round 8 (GR8) they have available $450K in pooled funds, from December 2nd to December 17th to match any donation coming from the communities.

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Pepemon: Degen Battleground is the first game from Pepemon franchise

So how can I help Pepemon?

First, login with a Github account, if you don’t have one already, please create one.

Since the beginning of Pepemon (just shy of 60 days away now) we have been focused on our art and economy mechanics to be related to Pokemon and Pepe the Frog — a mashup/doujinshi — as well as building real value, creating NFTs with use cases.

After great success parodizing with our favourite little monsters and Pepe the Frog, we are now ready to take a leap forward and start with our very own designs! It will benefit the long term development and marketability of the project as our designs will be completely original! …

You probably have seen it by now, alongside our Black Friday store-wide promotion a new section on our site has been introduced — Events!

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Sadly we can’t go to old-school, face2face events yet in most parts of the globe, but you can definitely participate in some Card Staking Events if you are the lucky owner of the NFTs required for a particular Event and by staking those Collector’s Edition cards you can claim exclusive Pepemon cards!

Ok so do I need cards to get more cards?

Yes. Smart Pepetrainers who have claimed their beloved Pepemons and helped burn more than 72% of the $PPDEX supply will be happy to see…

After a successful launch of our NFT store just 8 days ago, $100K in digital art sales, multiple NFTs sold out in under 1 hour, currently 63% of the $PPDEX supply burned and huge support from our community we are now thrilled to share with you more on what’s next with your beloved Pepemon Collectors Cards.

First of all, let’s clarify things on Collectors Edition vs. Battle Cards Edition shall we?

Collectors Edition Cards:

  • These cards will NOT be usable on the Blockchain Game we are working on.
  • They will be used on our Staking Platform to acquire Battle Edition Cards NFTs.
  • Upon…

After completing Phase1 of the project we are overwhelmed by the community support after launching Pepestaking and having 90% of the tokens staked for generating PPDEX! It’s now time to unveil the first use case for $PPDEX. As you could tell from the last teasers, it’s about our Collector’s Edition Pepemonsters NFTs which you can now mint with your PPDEX by heading to

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Pepemon Store is now Live!

Collectors Cards are an important part of the Pepemon economy and they help the community go beyond the artistic value of a NFT card by being the foundation for the ones that get traits in our…

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Team Rugpull

Prepare for bear trend!
And make it pure scam!
To protect the world from bubble!
To unite all plebs within our Telegram & Discord!
To denounce the evils of shills and fomo!
To extend our reach to the dildo above!
Team Rugpull blasts off at the speed of light!
Sell your Pepeballs now, or prepare to cry!

That’s wight!

When there’s heroes, there’s villains... story of Pepemon is beginning to unfold, let us introduce you…


After completing Phase0 of the project successfully by airdropping 99,86% of PPBLZ to 300 lucky Pepetrainers no more than 5 days ago, we are now happy to announce the start of the next milestone of the project, by announcing that all PPBLZ holders and Uniswap Liquidity Providers (UNI-V2-PPBLZ owners) can now stake their coins to farm PPDEX.

PPDEX is a critical part of the Pepemon ecosystem as this token will be used to farm the first Starter Pepemons Limited Edition NFTs off our platform and fuel further development of the Pepemon world.

With staking being now available we also launched…

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