Buckle up Pepetrainers, the Pepedrop is almost here!

2 min readOct 11, 2020


After running our Meme & Logo contest, and the Pepemon shoutout contest, we are hours away from the eagerly anticipated Pepemon airdrop. It’s time to set the memes aside for a second and take a better look at the Pepenomics, designed to send your $PPBLZ flying like Team Peperocket:


The ERC-20 token fueling the Pepemon project is the $PPBLZ (Pepeballz). The coin’s supply is hard-capped at 14,000, of which 13,980 (99.85%) will be equally airdropped to 300 Pepetrainers. The remaining 20 will be locked on Uniswap for initial liquidity.
PPBLZ can be staked on https://pepemon.finance to farm PPDEX.

P.S. There will be no initial token sale! The team will only distribute tokens via airdrop!


PPDEX is generated by staking your $PPBLZ as already seen. It has an uncapped supply and two use cases:
• PPDEX can be used to buy the limited time/edition Pepemon NFTs on Rari or Opensea.
• Staked to farm $PPUSD at normal APY rate, with the possibility of doubling this APY when staking PPDEX LPs. (More on $PPUSD once we figure out how to remove the pizza and burger emojis from our PNG file).

Secret sauce

We will reveal this at a later phase, stay around to see how a professional team changes the NFTs space by going beyond just art, and add in-game value to on chain assets. And you’re here to farm ’em all!




Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.