Chainguardians, Dego and more BSC NFTs. The week in Pepemon updates

What a week, what a week, when I look back at all that was released, it magically creates a smile on my face!

So many things going on in such a short period of time.

Time for a recap!

Partnership with Dego.Finance

If you are active in one of our social channels there is no way you have missed it, Degochu was released. It was a huge community event with Pepemon doing what it does best, giving to the community. All Degochu’s were given away for free, not a single Pepedex was spent!

It is our first collab with Dego Finance and to get the Dego crew accompanied with our beloved Pepemons we have whitelisted all Dego holders and all @treasureland NFT traders to be eligible to claim a Degochu!

And man o man, the demand was insane, much more than we could ever dream off and we like to thank you for that. There was a total availability of 10.000 Degochu’s to claim and they were all claimed in less than 12 hours, crazy!

With this NFT all that were lucky enough to claim one, will be able to join the Pepemon Trading Card Game and mint a full battle deck with just one NFT, providing them with a massive advantage over non NFT holders!

Pepemon DAO

As we love to listen to our community the first Pepemon DAO was brought to live. In the first 6 weeks there was no real need to significantly change the projects, however we feel that it’s time for some change!

Being a fully community driven project we value your opinion above anything else, so i f you in any way own PPBLZ (Staking, providing liquidity or just sitting there in your wallet) please let us know what you think by voting!

More info

Pepemon joins Chainguardians Cryptoverse Alliance

While waiting for Pepemon NFT use cases like when game (soon) we decided that you should do something with your NFT’s and thus we partnered up with @chainguardians .

ChainGuardians is a blockchain driven platform that uses traditional gaming concepts to enable player-driven economies. Within their platform you can play the NFT Mining game by using NFT’s from your favorite projects so without further ado we present to you:

From now on you can use your precious Pepemons to mine hashes by staking your NFT’s at the ChainGuardians NFT Mining Game.

Staking your NFT’s is super easy, if your not a person that does his own research and need some pointers you can start here:

Each NFT has its own rarity, and depending on this rarity it will have a certain amount of hash power. The amount of total hashpower determines the chances of you mining a block, so if you are a driven Pepemon collector this is definitely something you should check out!

It’s kinda like proof of stake, but instead of your chances being measured by the amount of tokens you possess, it is measured by the specific NFT’s you own.

Joining the NFT Mining game will earn you Chain guardian credits which can later on be traded for $CGG, the ChainGuardians token. This way we have created another way for our Pepetrainers to generate a passive income and prosper by just being part of the project!

Pepemon NFTs on BSC are still available!

The release of the 2nd evolutions of the starter series on the Binance smart chain. To increase the liquidity of our trading pairs @pancakeswap we are having a one time BNB instead of PPDEX sale at the Pepestore.

Go grab your copy at, this promises to be one of the rarest Pepemon NFT card’s around so do not miss the opportunity to own one yourself!

In case the BSC is new for you we have created a neat little guide to help you through the process:

All these things combined together make an amazing week for Pepemon, with much much more to come! Keep an eye on our socials because exciting times are ahead of us!

Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

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