Claim Exclusive Pepemons with Card Staking

Ok so do I need cards to get more cards?

Yes. Smart Pepetrainers who have claimed their beloved Pepemons and helped burn more than 72% of the $PPDEX supply will be happy to see that they can participate right away in specific pools.

Smart Pepetrainers can join right away!

Cool, how does it work in practice?

Head over to the Events page and see which ones are currently active.

For instance in this event you don’t own a Pepe Ketchum, so in order to participate you’d need to acquire that card first or just join the next one!
There’s always an option to buy a required card you don’t own on OpenSea
Buy Items from our Store in order to save from burning your original cards
Read carefully what cards you will receive after successfully completing the event and which are going to be burned after successfully claiming your reward
You can at any time withdraw your cards from staking

Has the timer gone to 0 and progress is at 100%?

Then you can click on ‘Claim reward’ and enjoy your newly minted card(s). Congrats!

Only when you claim your reward you’ll get your cards back or burned

So how many Events can be expected?

There’s going to be multiple Events every month with most of them providing a way to evolve your already claimed or purchased Pepemon either by burning your original cards or using an ITEM card to save them.

— Brofessor Committee



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Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.