Get ‘Pepemon One’ NFT subscription for exclusive cards in your wallet each month.

3 min readJan 7, 2021


87 days have passed since we did the $PPBLZ airdrop and started delivering value for all those that believed in Pepemon’s mission and proposed DeFi-meet-NFT economy.

Pepemon going to moon; cca. 2021. Community Artwork by @ClarkieCrypto

Since then we locked in over $300K and launched a very successful NFT Store where more than 70% of all $PPDEX generated was burned forever in exchange for Collector’s Edition cards. On top of that we delivered a first peak at how evolving your cards would work in the Pepemon game world. Over 1300 unique holders claimed at least one card with more than 3000 created so far, and counting!

With these stats in mind, we are ready for a blast in 2021 and we are starting with a unique product today when Pepemon is launching a first-of-its-kind NFT subscription!

Get exclusive Pepemons each month by staking $PPDEX in the Uniswap liquidity pool with Pepemon One NFT Subscription.

Everyone who stakes 100 PPDEX worth of LP tokens on Pepemon Staking Platform will be able to redeem an Exclusive Pepemon each month!

Your LP tokens will be locked for 30 days once deposited. After 30 days you can review if you want to continue receiving monthly cards, or withdraw your liquidity tokens at any point without any penalty and stop the subscription.

Get now Pepemon One NFT subscription.

So how does it work actually?

Short story: you get exclusive cards that you can’t buy in the store each month by subscribing by providing liquidity.

Long story

It will require 100 $PPDEX (plus the ETH counterpart) in the Uniswap LP.

Your LP tokens will be locked for 30 days after depositing.

After the initial lock period your Pepemon One subscription is active as long as you keep your LP tokens staked on our platform.

You can at any point after the first 30 days withdraw your tokens and stop your subscription.

You can claim your cards each month from our platform before the next card become available.

Example of how Pepemon One subscription works

You stake your PPDEX Uni-V2 LP tokens on 2nd of January

You wait for 30 days.

You claim your Exclusive Epic NFT between 1st and 8th of February.

You choose between keeping or cancelling your subscription.

If you decide to continue next month you will get another Exclusive NFT card.

If you decide to withdraw your Uni-V2 LP tokens you can do so at any point.

On 8th of February a new card becomes available for those that are subscribed.

Anyone that staked their LP tokens before that date are eligible to get it.

Anyone depositing LP tokens after 8th February are going to be eligible to get the card that becomes available in March.

By subscribing to the Pepemon One NFT subscription you are both in for monthly exclusive Collector’s Edition cards but also helping out with the growth of the Pepemon ecosystem.

This is just the first of the subscriptions we are preparing for all NFT lovers with smol or MEMElarge funds.




Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.