How to maximize your donation for Pepemon: Degen Battleground on Gitcoin

Our Gitcoin Grant for building Pepemon: Degen Battleground is now live as part of GR8 dAPP!

Gitcoin Grants allows developers and builders to get funding for projects you’re most passionate about. Since 2019, Gitcoin Grants has become a major institution for funding the open source ecosystem, delivering $3.7m in funding to hundreds of projects in a decentralized, community-driven, manner.

With Grand Round 8 (GR8) they have available $450K in pooled funds, from December 2nd to December 17th to match any donation coming from the communities.

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Pepemon: Degen Battleground is the first game from Pepemon franchise

So how can I help Pepemon?

First, login with a Github account, if you don’t have one already, please create one.

Second, as a donator it’s important to verify your account before donating. Read on how you can maximize your donation and increase your Trust Bonus on your profile page via SMS, BrightID, GMail, Twitter, POAP, (and more). A verified contributor’s donation is matched for a slightly higher amount.

The number & amount of each contribution to our project influences the total amount allocated to it!

  • What it means for the project: a stronger community means more funds matched from the pool
  • What it means for a contributor: even a lower value contribution can result in a high “matched” amount

So encourage your fellow community members to verify and donate as well, so the matched funds ratio is higher!

Finally, go to the Pepemon: Degen Battleground Gitcoin Grant page and donate your desired amount by pressing ‘Add to Cart’ button!

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Donate and get your donation matched by Gitcoin!

Specify how much you wanna contribute in which coin and click on ‘Checkout’.

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Donate in your favorite coin!

Now there are two checkout option Standard Checkout or zkSync ( choose whatever you prefer) Note — You can select the ‘Hide my wallet’ option if you want to stay anonymous.

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Choose to remain anonymous if you want!

That’s it! Your contribution will help fuel the development of the game and show how strong our community is!

Lastly we think that this season is great to give back to your favorite projects, so go ahead and spare some of those gainz to your favorite developers and artists who help build DeFi, NFT, or other crypto communities on Web 3.0.

— Brofessor Committee

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