How to stake your Christmas Pepekarp and evolve it for a new Pepemon

Pepemon was born in the new cohort of innovative crypto projects of 2020, combining DeFi and NFTs to execute on its ambitious mission: bring the first community-led Trading Card Game to the blockchain!

As a project that has received a lot of support from other people building in this space, we thought there’s not a better moment to give back to these pioneers than Christmas! 🎅 🎁

That’s why we launched a new campaign where a massive number of addresses were whitelisted for claiming an Exclusive Christmas Pepemon — Pepekarp — if the owners of those addresses hodl’ed any of the tokens from the list below! Kinda like UNI airdrop, but cooler and without any VCs involved.

Projects/holders that were whitelisted are (in random order):













Node Runners






I hodl a token in the list, now what?

If you have ever hodl’ed any any of the listed tokens before the snapshot time (18.12.2020) then you are eligible to claim your Exclusive Christmas Pepemon by heading to our Christmassy claiming page

Connect your wallet only. No authorization is done at this step.

Connect your wallet so we can check your address.

We strongly recommend you use a desktop browser for this (although TrustWallet and Metamask on iOS seem to work just fine).

Now after connecting your wallet successfully there’s two possibilities:

  1. You are Eligible so you can continue by tapping on Claim Present.
  2. You are not Eligible and you can continue by buying the Pepekarp card on OpenSea

Once you have your Pepekarp card you can start evolving it right away by going to the Events page at

You can always see which cards are going to be burned by looking for the cute skullhead emoji.

As with all our NFT Staking Events that let you evolve your cards, there’s always two ways to approach this:

  1. You can combine your Pepekarp card with an Evolution Qube that you can buy in the Store. At the end of the NFT Staking Event you get both Pepekarp and Pyarados!
  2. You don’t buy an Evolution Qube and stake your Pepekarp card alone. At the end of the event your Pepekarp card will be burned but you’ll get Pyarados.

I decided what path should I take, what now?

Before confirming joining any of the events make sure you read and understand what cards are going to get burned and what you will receive.

Read carefully which cards are received and which are burned before Joining the event

Either path you choose you’ll have to wait for 9 days in order for your new card to be minted! So sit back, relax and keep an eye on the Epic NFT Drops for $PPBLZ and $PPDEX holders starting 25th of December.

Once you see that the progress is at 100% you can claim your new card!

And that’s how you start your journey to become the very best Pepemon trainer! Your first Pepemon NFT cards will help you get more rare Battle Edition NFTs when the game gets released, so you’re in for a serious head start!

Lastly don’t forget to spread the word on the event and help any of your crypto frens claim their Exclusive Christmas Pepemon if they ever hodl’ed those tokens!

— Brofessor Committe

Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

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