How to stake your Christmas Pepekarp and evolve it for a new Pepemon

I hodl a token in the list, now what?

If you have ever hodl’ed any any of the listed tokens before the snapshot time (18.12.2020) then you are eligible to claim your Exclusive Christmas Pepemon by heading to our Christmassy claiming page

Connect your wallet only. No authorization is done at this step.
  1. You are not Eligible and you can continue by buying the Pepekarp card on OpenSea
You can always see which cards are going to be burned by looking for the cute skullhead emoji.
  1. You don’t buy an Evolution Qube and stake your Pepekarp card alone. At the end of the event your Pepekarp card will be burned but you’ll get Pyarados.

I decided what path should I take, what now?

Before confirming joining any of the events make sure you read and understand what cards are going to get burned and what you will receive.

Read carefully which cards are received and which are burned before Joining the event



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Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.