How to win with Pepecenter by providing liquidity on Uniswap

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Enter the Pepecenter within Uniswap and let your PPBLZ rest with the nurse, she’ll take great care of them. Or another way to call it would be how to provide liquidity for PPBLZ and get a part of the pool fees, which since we launched were around $10.000!

Sounds good? Here it’s what you need to do:

  1. Open PPBLZ-ETH on Uniswap, click on “Pool” in the top left of the navigation bar and then press “Add Liquidity”.

There’s an easier way to do get there by following this link.

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2. Choose PPBLZ as one of the inputs and ETH as the counterpart.

If you can’t find PPBLZ in the list of Tokens you can always paste the contract address 0x4D2eE5DAe46C86DA2FF521F7657dad98834f97b8 to get PPBLZ as available input.

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Providing liquidity on Uniswap is always 50/50, meaning that you also need to provide the amount in ETH.

In the case above 20 PPBLZ are worth around 2.51 ETH, so that’s why we supply 2.51 ETH as well. Make sure to have both in your wallet.

3. Once you are done setting up the desired amount, click on ‘Approve’ and accept the Metamask request for Uniswap to be able to spend your PPBLZ, and after that is finished, hit that Supply button, that’s all!

You can now enjoy your LP stats here: eth addy goes here)


While providing your PPBLZ-ETH you get 0.3% of all the Uniswap fees on this pair proportional to your share of the pool!

Keep in mind that during the liquidity provision as price goes up and down your PPBLZ and ETH values will change respectively. To learn in more detail how this works we recommend you read this thread.

Oh and by the way, keep your eyes open, rumor has it that a new Pepecenter is opening in town soon.

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