New Beginning NFT Series and 2021 Roadmap updates

Since the beginning of Pepemon (just shy of 60 days away now) we have been focused on our art and economy mechanics to be related to Pokemon and Pepe the Frog — a mashup/doujinshi — as well as building real value, creating NFTs with use cases.

After great success parodizing with our favourite little monsters and Pepe the Frog, we are now ready to take a leap forward and start with our very own designs! It will benefit the long term development and marketability of the project as our designs will be completely original! This also means we can expand and explore without the constant shadow of some company that could come and stop the blockchain one day.

Having said that, the benefits of straying away from ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Pepe the Frog’ will help us progress further in many areas, like incubation of the project in one of the Crypto Start-up Accelerators or marketing the game outside crypto space and into traditional gaming platforms.

Pastry is the origin of the New Beginnings Series.

Pepemon NFT Design — Reloaded!

As we know you really enjoy the cards we have released until now and because we know our Pepetrainers are in it for the art, we managed to get you a sneak peak at a couple of upcoming designs before they become available to claim in our NFT Store.

The little details and giggles that made the first series so attractive are here to stay.

The new designs will continue to be part of the ‘Collector’s Edition’ cards and you’ll be able to stake and evolve them on our NFT Events section.

The Road Ahead

Moving forward, we have our updated roadmap, a reminder to us all what we have achieved so far and what’s in the cards for the future.

Alongside this we are working on making purchasing and owning a Pepemon even easier for anyone who lands on our platform by introducing an open-to-all, multi-currency support on our NFT Store without requiring the use of a crypto wallet, a new price structure for our NFTs and a private-alpha of the upcoming game for those who have put their faith in us and constantly fuel us with their time, energy and money.

We want to take a moment once again to thank you, the community for helping us achieve these magnificent results and we count on your support to continue this journey together into building the first Trading Card Game on blockchain.

— Brofessor Committee

Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

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