PepeDAO is here! And so is the first proposal to change the Pepeconomy

Since the beginning of Pepemon we have been guided by the feedback from our community, so in the spirit of decentralization we’ve created a DAO where token holders can create proposals to change the way Pepemon ecosystem works.

In the first 6 months from inception there was no urgent need for any proposals or changes, but as we have grown significantly since then and our mission is to onboard many Pepetrainers and maintain a strong, sustainable ecosystem, it’s time to change the way those participating in the Pepeconomy are getting rewarded for staking, a whopping 87% of the total supply of PPBLZ at the moment. Keeping a healthy balance between rewards and inflation was our main goal for a self-sustaining DeFi farming experience, and we are staying true to that.

Pepemon DAO Snapshot page at

For two weeks, starting today, everyone holding PPBLZ in their wallet, staking contract or PPBLZ-ETH Uniswap pool can vote on a proposal to increase PPDEX rewards to a ‘true’ 2X for staking PPBLZ-ETH LP tokens in the Uniswap pool, while single-staking PPBLZ rewards on the platform will be reduced to 0.75X to keep inflation under control. A consensus of 50% or more is needed to proceed with the change and a cooldown period of one week from 1st of May will be in place until the new rewards take effect.

Please note that if the proposal vote passes you will need to claim your PPDEX before the new rewards start, otherwise all your accumulated PPDEX will be slashed to the new multiplier.

As always we encourage healthy discussions on the subject and welcome all token holders to voice their opinions on Discord or Telegram.

— Brofessor Committee

Join the Pepemon world and become a Pepetrainer today. Start your journey now on one of the following channels:








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