Pepedrop is now history. So what’s next for Pepemon?

Pepetrainers, we made it! We are now live on Uniswap and have successfully completed Airdrop Phase2.

As some of you are sour because you didn’t get the PeFi stimulus check, we will recap a couple of important moments from the last 12 hours.

First some Pepedrop Form stats. As you might have already seen in the leakz, a big number of people that completed the form didn’t get the correct answer for the What is the name of the token that can be farmed with $PPBLZ? question. Only 51% of the total of 808 responses were correct.

After removing duplicates, 414 entries were selected for the lottery. These entries had to fill the 220 spots left open after the 80 community members were whitelisted during the Phase0 after Meme, Logo, Shoutout and Discord Server Invite Contests had ended.

We then proceeded with sending the initial 20 $PPBLZ to our dev fund address at pepedontdump.eth, created the pair and set the initial price on Uniswap.

The lucky 300 Pepetrainers list was then uploaded to and sent successfully in two TXs (first one, second one). Weirdly split but okay.

At the same time the 20 $PPBLZ were added to the liquidity pool on Uniswap, alongside with 0.1 ETH, setting the initial price at 1 PPBLZ = 0.005 ETH, and starting a new era. A new era that couldn’t be possible without your help — the help of our beloved community! We want to thank you all for that and for your support in the few days since this project was accidentally leaked to the public.

So what about Uniswap trading? Is that rekt? In the 12hrs that have passed since trading went live, the liquidity is sitting at around $30,000, which is more than 50ETH+PPBLZ supported by the community entirely! The degens have now generated a trading volume for the PPBLZ-ETH pair of more than $1,2mil in just 12H ! Rekt enough for your taste degens?

What’s next? We will execute on our plan both on the development and marketing aspects of our project. There’s going to be a Telegram group accessible for holders in the next few hours, where the community can come together and share their ideas about the Pepemon ecosystem and collaborate on our public Trello board on what’s best for the project.

After that the marketing outreach will start with some of your favorite Crypto influencers diving into the project and telling you why they like the concept so much. Next milestones on our Product roadmap are also ready to be shipped, so stick around because we have a bunch of things we are excited to share with you in the coming months.

-Brofessor Committee

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