Pepemon NFT Details & Card Staking

After a successful launch of our NFT store just 8 days ago, $100K in digital art sales, multiple NFTs sold out in under 1 hour, currently 63% of the $PPDEX supply burned and huge support from our community we are now thrilled to share with you more on what’s next with your beloved Pepemon Collectors Cards.

First of all, let’s clarify things on Collectors Edition vs. Battle Cards Edition shall we?

Collectors Edition Cards:

  • These cards will NOT be usable on the Blockchain Game we are working on.
  • They will be used on our Staking Platform to acquire Battle Edition Cards NFTs.
  • Upon staking your Collector Edition cards, you will obtain priority and exclusive access to upcoming Collectors Edition series.
  • Limited supply & time on every release.

Battle Edition Cards:

  • They will be accessible for all the new and old Pepetrainers who want to build out their ultimate battle deck to be used in our upcoming Battle Card game on blockchain.
  • Some will be available exclusively to Collector Edition stakers with no additional cost.
  • Another part of them will be airdropped to NFT gaming communities, encouraging users to play at our platform and further grow our ecosystem and other opportunities for Pepemon.
  • They will be released before the game goes in public beta.

You spent your precious $PPDEX on claiming Gen 1 Starter — Origin cards and want to get that premium treatment for being an early supporter of the Pepemon economy? We got you covered, read more on what Staking NFTs entails and stick around to get more specific details on this in the upcoming weeks.

  • All Collector Edition cards/NFTs can be staked.
  • There’s bonuses for those that stake their rare cards or an entire set of a specific series in our special event pools.
  • Staking different rarities will affect the reward you get, based on Rarity and the Series staked.
  • There will be events for staking a full set which will have a multiplier effect and earn you more cards than usual.

Card Staking Event example: Stake your Wisty Card together with a Starter Pepertle get an exclusive Water Pepemon.

NFT Rarities

Rarity indicates the scarcity of the NFT. But it is not that simple, let’s first understand the Pepemon’s standard rarities available; there are 4 (four) standard rarities that are printed in the middle of our NFT card:

  1. Common = white gem

2. Rare = blue gem

3. Epic = purple gem

4. Legendary = red gem


Now, there’s more than just these standard rarities, if you have played other TCG (Trading Card Games) before, I’m sure you know about those holofoil cards that are rarer than usual.. Some cards may not even have a holofoil. In Pepemon we have what is called ‘Golden’ version which are limited in supply and are even rarer regardless of the standard rarity

For example, let’s take a look at the Golden Pepesaur version down below:

Question is, are you satisfied with having the normal version or the golden version, or both? What kind of person are you?

P.S. Trust us, it won’t end at ‘Golden’ ;)

NFT Sets/Series

Initially “Sets” or “Series” will serve to provide staking bonuses. BUT, we also have more exciting plans for the future for those devoted Pepetrainers who have full sets.

All NFTs will have these ‘X out of X’ collection. Sets/Series we have released so far are the Gen 1 Starters and Character Set/Series. There will be more different series incoming as soon as this month! We sincerely hope you like our designs, our Artists put a great amount of time and effort into them.

Curious to find out more? Follow our Medium blog, chat with us on Telegram or Discord and enable Tweet notifications on Twitter to be the first to know when we have more news.

— Brofessor Committee

Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

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