Pepemon — 'NFT Summer' update

Dianmu was dropped for all Pepemon One subscribers in August

New Cards

We released a bunch of awesome Collector’s Edition cards that started with the Evolution exclusives Zaptry, Golden Zhu Rong and Golden Nioctib Yub, adding Yugipepe, Nioctib Yub, Zhu Rong and Dianmu Pepemon One subscription only NFTs and finishing up with the last mint of the Collectors edition series from our NFT store, the sold out (50/50) Pixel Edition Cosmony!

Gitcoin & Giveaway.

Pepemon participated in another round of decentralized grants on the industry standard platform offered by Gitcoin, where donations made by the community are matched by sponsors of the open-source cryptoverse. Our Pepemon Degen Battleground project was one of the top grants people donated to in the NFTs and Gaming category. Funds that are collected from our backers are used for the development of our upcoming dApps, as well as enabling the DAO to collaborate with artists, devs and growth hackers.


We also managed to forge some new partnerships that enabled us to reach more users. Let’s recap on those as well:

Pepemon cards available on MochiMarket NFT marketplace.
Pepemon NFTs available on Babylons BSC Marketplace as well

Game & Booster-packs

Pepemon V2 platform preview
Boosterpack preview.

Sir, wen moon?

As we are approaching 1 year since the original token airdrop was executed and we have some ambitious plans for Q3/Q4 of this year, we are 100% focused and fully motivated to deliver high quality dApps that have the right product market fit and add *real* value for all the Pepemon World players. We also want to reiterate the fact that the complex nature of the work ahead and the lack of affordable talent in the space might add more uncertainty to our estimations.



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Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.