Peponzinomics 2.0: Beyond Pepestaking

After completing Phase0 of the project successfully by airdropping 99,86% of PPBLZ to 300 lucky Pepetrainers no more than 5 days ago, we are now happy to announce the start of the next milestone of the project, by announcing that all PPBLZ holders and Uniswap Liquidity Providers (UNI-V2-PPBLZ owners) can now stake their coins to farm PPDEX.

PPDEX is a critical part of the Pepemon ecosystem as this token will be used to farm the first Starter Pepemons Limited Edition NFTs off our platform and fuel further development of the Pepemon world.

With staking being now available we also launched a brand new website to accommodate more of the upcoming platform features we are building like Art and the Card Game. Visit the site at and share it with your nerdy friends.

Sounds good, so how does it work?

In order to get PPDEX you will have to own PPBLZ or UNI-V2-PPBLZ (see here how to get this).

After you got any of these two tokens in your wallet head to and choose Staking.

Unlock your wallet to have access to the staking dashboard.

After connecting your wallet with the platform, you will be presented with the Staking Dashboard where you can stake PPBLZ tokens at normal rate, UNI-V2-PPBLZ LP tokens with ~2x boost or claim your earned PPDEX.

Add the desired amount of the token that you want to stake and approve spending of the asset.

After the approval is done, all you need to do is hit that stake button!

PRO-TIP: You can stake both PPBLZ and UNI-V2-PPBLZ to combine the normal rate with the boosted one!

Now that you have approved and staked your coins the amount of PPDEX earned should update every block (around 15 seconds). You can see the amount of your unclaimed tokens by hitting the ‘Update’ button.

You can claim your precious PPDEX that you farmed at any point by using ‘Claim’ function on the platform.

There’s a 10% fee for every claim that you do. These tokens are sent automagically to our dev fund address and they support future developments of the project.

Example of how the fee works: if you stake 10 PPBLZ and you generated 10 PPDEX when you claim your PPDEX, you will get 9 in your wallet, 1 of them goes to the devfund.

Needless to say, you will farm a token with a fair launch, no one farmed millions before the website was up or other tricks. Following the steps of PPBLZ launch, there’s no sale or pre-mine for PPDEX. Just an initial 2 PPDEX were minted at contract deployment on mainnet to help us set the initial rate on Uniswap pair PPDEX/ETH.

So you are part of something that was launched fair among all community holders old and new.

Okay so what’s PPDEX for?

PPDEX is the first ecosystem token that will enable holders to mint our Starter Pepemons Limited Edition NFTs from our platform. It will also incentivize further development of the platform and reward Pepetrainers for trusting us and helping us go further.

By holding PPDEX at the date of the Pepemon NFTs platform opening, you are one of the few that will be able to mint limited time and limited number NFTs with your PPDEX. Once minted from our platform the Pepemons can then be sold on secondary markets or used in one of the upcoming stages of the project.

Talking about what’s next, PPDEX will only become more important in the Pepemon economy as it will be used to farm PPUSD which is the currency that will be used in the near future to buy Rare Pepemons for dueling in-game.

More on that, NFTs artists spotlight and PPUSD usage in the next blog posts.

Keep being the very best and follow us on social media channels to be the first to learn all the news about Pepemon. Join the discussion on Telegram or Discord.

-Broffesor Committee

Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.

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