Pepemon NFTokenoms!

Pepemon Store is now Live!

So how does one get a very own ‘NFT card’ from the blockchain?

In order to Claim your original, unique, one of a kind, ERC-1155 token, you would need to have $PPDEX. You can Claim yours from the Staking page if you have been staking $PPBLZ or acquire $PPDEX from Uniswap if you haven’t farmed any until now. We remind you that we encourage everyone to participate in the economy long-term by buying $PPBLZ and staking them to receive $PPDEX. At the time we are writing this, the number of staked $PPBLZ is around 12700 which is a whopping 90% of the entire supply (14000), and has been climbing ever since it was first available.

Don’t have any $PPDEX? Window shopping season for you!

So for starters, there’s different types of Pepemons NFTs you can claim. At launch there’s going to be 5 cards available. These will include starter Pepemon, which will be available as a Limited Number & Limited Time Collector’s Edition. Besides the normal cards, one by one we will release Gold and higher tier edition cards in the coming days.

Golden Pepemander was the first Random Drop that PPDEX LP Providers could win.

I just heard about Pepemon, how do I get one? I want to Claim ’em all!

You can either buy $PPBLZ and start staking it for $PPDEX or in case you don’t have any $PPDEX available to claim, then your only chance is to head to Uniswap to buy some. Once you get your tokens you can Claim your very own NFT right away.

You got one and want to admire it in all its beauty?

Don’t panic if you don’t see your NFT on Etherscan or Metamask. After a successful ‘Claim’ you will see that the ‘You own’ and ‘Minted’ amounts have been updated on the platform.

PepemonWorld Store front.

So what’s next on Peperoadmap? We heard you guys are developing a game?

Yes, we are making a game and these first Origin Series cards are so important for starting on that project. Besides being rare, these cards will also be valuable in the next phase where Pepetrainers will be able to stake them in order to gain Battle Edition cards that can be used in our upcoming Card Game on the Blockchain!



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Digital collectible card game on blockchain owned by players. Powered by DeFi and NFTs as in-game assets.